Zone Upper 1:

Location: 2″ proximal to the transverse crease of the wrist, on the medial forearm between ulna and the tendon flexor carpi ulnaris.
Position for location and puncture: locate at arm’s length in supination, or elbow flexion 90o. Don’t rotate the forearm, and needle in the same posture of location. Fix with tape before moving to another point.

Tips: bend the handle of the knee more than usual to ensure proper puncture under the epidermis. “

Anatomy: Ulnar nerve, basilic vein, extensor and flexor carpi ulnaris. Inervation: Cutaneus medial nerve C7-T1.

Dermatome: T

Indications: frontal headache, emotional problems (frontal brain) add upper 5, rhinitis, sinusitis (add upper 2), stye (add upper 5), eye pain, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, blepharitis, lacrimal obstruction, injuries or damage or after intervention of eyeball, herpes labial, toothache frontal and canine (add upper 2), bruxism (add upper 2/3/4/5), anxiety, depression, palpitation (add upper 2), abscess or infection in mouth or gums (add upper 2), dry mouth, laringitis, tonsillitis (add upper 2/5), esophagitis (add lower 1/2/5), asthma (add upper 2/5), bronchitis (idem), cough (idem), disnea (idem). Esternalgia, hoarseness, angina pectoris, common cold, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, psychosomatic disorders.

Extra indications: Parasympathetic regulation; all kind of desease without a specific location; all variable symptoms (pathogen wind); whenever there coexist lots of symptoms. Pain in general. Somatic affections. Insomnia. Shoulder pain (even when out of the area 1, several studies point it as useful).
Main Combinations: Add Upper 5 for psychologic, psychiatric and neurological affections. Bilateral up and down for general symptoms. Add upper 2 for tooth and gums. “

Chanel: Hand Tae Yin.

Element: Fire

Zang-Fu: Small intestine

Mirror: Lateral calf, channel mirror: bladder channel. Distal segment nerve treatment for L4 and S1 roots.

Reinforcement points: lower 1; upper and lower 6; upper and lower 2.

Election for: pain predominance or unspecific, fever, itching, sweat, insomnia, psycho disturbances. Eye, nose, mouth, throat diseases