How to learn Wrist Ankle Acupuncture on line, blended course or face to face.

Despite the fact that face to face seminars are the well-known strategies for health studies, on-line and blended lessons are gaining popularity. The advantages of both styles, face to face and distance learning can be merged with blended courses. That is to say, the content more suitable to be taught in distance learning, thanks to the new technologies mixed with the face to face workshops, for practicing and meeting with students and professors. With the new Virtual Reality environments, in the next years, even this face to face will be fully virtual, yet socializing, maybe playing in the “real life” will continue playing its role for one or two more decades.
I would like to underline the importance of knowing all the “how to’s” when implementing a course, no matter the modality. The Bloom’s taxonomy is a precise guideline to follow, and any student should be free to ask his university or education center this plan about the course. How, what for…every step is designed? And only then should one consider whether to enroll or not into the course. As well as asking if the institution or school has followed any quality feedback of its methodology.
Wrist Ankle acupuncture ensures the student that any step has been precisely planned, taking into account the modality of teaching, the modern pedagogy research, and quality assessment. Thanks to the course followed through the Blendit Kit Course in the University of Florida, we know now how to help you as a learner.
Thank you for your trust in us.