Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture in pregnant women

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Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture is safe during pregnancy?

STUDY: no side effects in 417 pregnant women treated with acupuncture in a total of 3152 treatments.
Kvorning Ternov et al. Pain Medicine 2001;

Another study on low back pain in pregnancy, use points prohibited by Chinese tradition, and is not reported any side effects. Obstetrics et Gynecologica Act. 2006, 85:12-19
Decrease of pregnant women’s pelvic pain after acupuncture: A randomized double-blind controlled study. Irene Lund, Thomas Lundeberg, Lena Lonnberg, Elisabeth Svensson.

Therefore, there is no evidence that lower zone 2 may have a contraindication.


Wrist and Ankle acupuncture

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direct translation by google:

This novel technique was presented publicly in 1976 by ​​students of Dr. Zhang Xi Zhu, neurologist. This discovered after thousands of cases treated, as could be achieved amazing results in numerous pathologies, with just two or three needles inserted intradermally. Which quickly popularized the method by its immediacy to experience improvement (at the same time inserting the needle), the speed and ease of processing (could be done in just a few seconds and without the patient to remove her clothes) , and its characteristic of being 100% painless (because otherwise you do not get the expected results).

Its original name is Acupuncture wrists and ankles, because all stimulation points are located on the wrists and ankles, making a total of twelve points.
The Zonal Acupuncture name Josep Carrion put it around 1997, when it began to offer courses and realized that it was more listener in this way. The thousands of entries in Google with this name speak for themselves.

“Having trained hundreds of professionals, and performed thousands of treatments, in about fifteen years, I can confirm that Zonal Acupuncture really works” Josep Carrion.

As you can see, the blog is dedicated to providing the necessary resources to train, or to receive tratamiento.Y also to present the FRL Zonal or Acupuncture without needles.
After many years searching for a way to get results without prodding, I discovered a particular form of stimulation, massage, getting very good results. I called him scratching Longitudinal Friction. With this addition, you can organize training workshops for patients, where they learn to take care of their health by themselves, or to maintain the results achieved in consultation Acupuncture.

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